Experts in Event Services, Planning and Management

About Cheeky Promotions

Cheeky Promotions is an event management company that specialises in tailoring events to the exact requirements of our clients. We’ve hosted parties for more than 1,000 people, so we know a thing or two about pulling off incredible, effective events. From school-leaver events to large corporate events, we work to design unforgettable experiences for everyone involved.

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Small Company; Big Business

Working closely with small business owners, we help companies to thrive online with social media and digital marketing strategies. In addition, we design unique imagery – such as menu graphics and logos – to give businesses a one-of-a-kind brand identity. One of our specialities is helping small restaurants to compete with larger chains.

Founding the Company

The founders of Cheeky Promotions are originally from Spain. We came to Lancaster as students – in fact, it was during our studies that we decided to start a company. We went on to win the Lancaster Student Enterprise of the Year Award in 2012. Since then, we have continued to expand our business, going from strength to strength.

What We Offer

The scope of our services depends entirely upon your requests. For example, we have the resources needed to co-ordinate exceptional events with several different nightclubs in a single evening.

International Party Events

Cheeky Promotions also hosts our own line of international party events. We’re recognised as one of the leading international event companies, hosting a variety of diverse weekly events in numerous cities across the UK.